Monday, August 24, 2009

DailyDev Wave Robot 0.2 released

Second iteration release of DailyDev Wave Robot client library which extends Google's Wave Java Client Library and makes development of Google Wave Robots much simplier.
This version adds to the library following features and enhancements:

  • Dependency on Velocity library removed - capabilities document is generated directly
  • Enhanced architecture - decomposed and consolidated, interfaces defined
    • RobotHandlerAdapter extracted
    • Capabilities handling extracted
    • Profile handling extracted
    • Serialisers extracted
    • Robot class extracted from RobotController to enable Spring-less integration
      • RobotController will be responsible for HTTP handling, parsing, robot invocation
      • Robot will be responsible for event handling
      • Robot's interface will be Spring-less and servlet-less
  • Logging and error handling consolidated
  • Extensible filtering mechanism over the handler method calls provided - configurable chain of filters will decide wheather the method will or will not be called for certain event (eg. based on users permissions or presence of some word in the document).
  • Set of servlets for Spring-less deployment
For more details or downloads visit Dailydev Wave Robot project's homepage.

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